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Welcome to The Melalogic Black Skin Resource Center 👋🏾

Melalogic is an app for Black skin health. It:

  • Gives Black people a single source of skin health information
  • Provides a list of over 90 U.S. Based Black Dermatologists
  • Creates a database of Black skin issues to fill the current void in AI and medicine for use by clinicians and researchers.
  • Contributes to the Black Skin Health AI Data Set
  • Aims to allow users to submit a photo of any skin issue and receive instantaneous feedback as to what it could be and suggestions on how to treat it

Melalogic was created by Avery Smith, a black software engineer, with contributions from Dr. Chesahna Kindred, a black dermatologist and Hillary Wilson, certified medical illustrator, to combat racial bias in AI and medicine.